You could be too late NOW if you don't start moving on getting sponsors or grants for your 2019 goals, projects, or programs. No excuse that you're busy. Busy people who also plan and invest get things done. Period!

If you're not working NOW on getting sponsors or grants for your 2019 goals, projects, or programs, get ready to pony up your own funds, possibly run a crowdfunding platform, or get money from friends and family.

Truth is some sponsors and grant-makers have already made decisions into 2020 (or beyond) for their strategic programs or projects. Did you get a sponsor for your program or project?


If not, don't despair but get prepared. There are soooooooo many other sponsor opportunities that are left untapped because people leading programs or projects are not seeking these sponsor funding opportunities. They are also not prepared to close the deal when when hoping to be a 1st time awardee or others who need a multi-year sponsor relationship. In either path, you must decide to be a winner for 2019 and the winners are those who are prepared and know what they offer, how to present it, and how to close the sponsorship deal.

Is that you? Are you a winner? Is this how you're operating and succeeding today?

If yes, keep going.

If not, read on. Support is ahead!

Whether you're an entrepreneur or a busy professional or executive working on your career, you sometimes face hurdles, problems, and obstacles where your creativity and savvy is simply not enough.

It's not enough to want to live your 'hustle;' you must finance the dream, goal, project or program. Sometimes this has meant coming out of your own pocket or support from family or friends. But, when you've been on the journey and saw competitors, other projects and programs with sponsors on their endeavors and wondered, 'how did they get those sponsors?'  Did you wonder or take steps to find out.

No more wondering required now that you're here. Finding is intentionally about building peoples' skills and talents to go after dollars - sponsorships and/or grants.

If you're a non-profit - emerging or dynamic-- the last thing you need to add to your to-do list is another terrible "networking conference."

If you’re a busy entrepreneur trying to grow a business, the last thing you need to waste time on is another terrible “networking conference.”

You know the one:

— The one where you sit through "know it all" speakers who are supposed to be teaching you but all they’re really doing is making you feel like there’s no way you can ever achieve that level of success.

— The one where the attendees are even just as confused as your imagination, and you struggle to find interesting things to talk about with the people you’re stuck sitting next to.

— The one where you suffer through finger food, water only, no coffee, let alone Starbucks and poor wifi signal all meeting long.

And as if that wasn’t bad enough: you paid twice with your wallet and time off from real business building activities, and what you learned, if anything, you can't figure out the pages of notes.

You get home and shelve the folder and never looked at again.

Talk about a waste of time.

If you’ve been an entrepreneur or working at the same company for a while, you’ve probably been to an event just like that. These kinds of events waste your time and never move you forward.

And if you’re anything like me, you don’t have any more time to waste to build your next chapter with the level of success you deserve.

I’m Cheryl Scales, award-winning Fortune 100 Corporate alum, serial entrepreneur, keynote speaker, and community champion.

You've experienced my work amid one of the world's finest, Delta Air Lines, or seen my social justice and equity in action for a historic elementary school to remain open and available to the beginning of many young lives.

I’ve been to a lot of business conferences all over the world. I know how important they can be and what a waste of time when they aren't done well, but not those training sessions led by Cheryl Scales.

— We make actionable learning happen regardless of the format.

— You hear lessons and tips in a way that you can intake the information.

— You are fired up with a few ideas that are actionable right at the fingertips of your laptop.

I know it is just the right time for this kind of sponsor training toolbox if you want to propel your 2019 goals (and in some markets, this might be a window to get some holiday sponsorship investment amd support).

I know it is time for our Finding Sponsors CD & Workbook to leave you brimming with ideas and implementation strategies.

Cheryl will walk you through 4 pivotal parts of the process to attract sponsors to projects or compete for grants including a hot-off-the press real-world case study.  

This CD & Workbook empowers you. You won't be overwhelmed with the revelation of closely-guarded grant-making  secrets that have been used to find monies for  15+ companies without any business loans, borrowing money from friends or family.

You can choose the CD only and/or the CD & Workbook Toolkit to help you boost your brand while growing alliances from your rolodex and your network that have sustained projects and organizations’ purpose through economic downturns!.

I hope you’ll be one of the amazing leaders who makes the decision to write a new chapter, and walk away with a breakthrough on finding and attracting money for each phase of your business or non-profit.

Intentional action leads to big results.

Finding Sponsors CD- Only $99! 

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This is a poweful set of tools to specifically focus users to:

  • find money 365 days per year to grow your brand, non-profit, or business.
  • help you push the send button to the right organizations attracting money 365 days a year.
  • get on the right lists to be invited to compete for money 365 days a year.

If you're not using this CD or CD & Workbook Toolkit, you're in the dark.

— You’ll discover actionable strategies you help you compete for real dollars for your business, non-profit, or event. 

— You’ll discover how to take intentional, focused action that moves you forward.

— You’ll soak up years of business knowledge from those who have been in your shoes and know how to help you get the right fit to find money 365 days a year.

Brainstorm strategies to boost your brand

Brainstorm brand-boosting strategies with other entrepreneurs and non-profits seeking to make progress attracting sponsors like you.

Discover how to put together an a powerful sponsorship package

Spend your time learning and putting together your sponsorship package that supports your events, programs, or projects.

Discover how to compete for grants

Walk away with actionable strategies and tools you can implement to compete for grants.

Reserve Your Copy of this Powerful Sponsors Toolkit!

Normally $199 for CD & Workbook

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Our one:one client relationships where we develop sponsorship plans start at $1500.00. Our group mastermind is by invitation only starting at $750. If you're one of the 1st 5 people who purchase the Sponsors Toolkit, you'll receive a complimentary 1:1 coaching session post-event with Cheryl Scales. This is a steal at this price.


Our Guarantee!

Three (3) things we commit:

  1. Your "RIE" List. We'll teach how to research, identify, and evaluate the potential sponsors that may be a fit for your program, project, or non-profit. This becomes your positioning list!
  2. Sponsorship Packet. You will craft your sponsorship packet framework with sponsor levels, values, and levels of return.
  3. Power Letter of Introduction. You'll have one power letter to introduce your program, project, or non-profit for sponsorship to your RIE List.

If you've never gotten this far in your process, get ready!

If you've gotten this far in your process but didn't get a response or a sponsorship check, get ready!

Starting June 15th, get ready to soak up more knowledge, tips and tools that you will build into action. You are giving yourself a chance to learn to find sponsorship money 365 days a year and propel your dreams.


Hot off the press! You’ll hear my brand new keynote that dissects a real world case study of sponsorships from the headlines. This keynote:

  • It's timely!
  • It's revealing!
  • It's real world learning about those experienced attracting sponsors.
  • It's real world learning that those new to attracting sponsors can dissect and learn how to take their game to the next level.

Next Steps...

Why are you waiting to take action on this incredible access to information that can help change your entire direction from the sidelines to success?

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